Cockpit Adjustable Anti-Roll Bars

The JBL Cobra is equipped with front and rear anti-roll bars with cockpit adjustable stiffness. This is done using a rotating blade whose stiffness in one direction is considerably higher than the other. Click on an image for a larger view.

    Here's a photo of the rear suspension showing the anti-roll bar with blade. In this orientation, the blade is quite flexible side-to-side. As the blade is rotated 90 degrees, the side-to-side stiffness in increases significantly. The blade rotation is controlled by a servo motor which is controlled from the cockpit.


A similar arrangement is used on the front suspension. In this photo, the anti-roll bar blade can be seen near the bottom of the photo about 1/3rd from the left.

The JBL Cobra normally comes with a control box with toggle switches to control the position of the front and rear servo motor and LEDs to indicate the position.


We've incorporated the switches into our dash for a more "finished" look. The toggle switches are momentary on-off-momentary on type. Pushing the switch down will cause the anti-roll bar to become less stiff, pushing up will do the opposite. One LED is on (for each of the front and rear) to indicate the current setting.